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Brickyard Broadcast – Premiere Event Nov. 12

The brickyard, seen from DH Hill library.
Join our orchestras and choirs for the world premiere of Lisa Bielawa's Brickyard Broadcast in virtual reality on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 6pm!

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The Department of Music presents the NC State orchestras and choirs with the Concert Singers of Cary, performing the world premiere of a new work by composer Lisa Bielawa entirely in virtual reality on a digital Brickyard built by the NC State University Libraries.

Missed the live premiere event? You can watch the panel and Q&A here.

Then you can access the performance of Brickyard Broadcast using the button below.

If you have questions, be sure to take a look at the troubleshooting instructions.

Instructions for Brickyard Broadcast

Creative Team



On premiere night, join NC State Department of Music faculty Peter Askim, director of orchestral studies, and Nathan Leaf, director of choral activities, and composer Lisa Bielawa for a live, online panel discussion.

You’ll then enter the virtual reality (VR) Brickyard environment built by the NC State University Libraries to experience the world premiere of Brickyard Broadcast, performed by the NC State orchestras (Raleigh Civic Symphony and Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra), the NC State choirs (State Chorale, Vox Accalia and Singing Statesmen), and the Concert Singers of Cary.

Following your experience of the performance, join Askim, Leaf and Bielawa again for a question and answer session.

Tune in at 6pm right here for the live discussion and Q&A via the Twitch stream above (you can click on it to load Twitch in a new window if you prefer). When you’re ready to experience Brickyard Broadcast, click the “Launch Brickyard Broadcast” button above. Instructions for navigating the VR hub are provided below.

Instructions for Brickyard Broadcast

Creative Team



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Brickyard Broadcast Creative Team

Brickyard Broadcast by Lisa Bielawa is commissioned and presented by North Carolina State University Department of Music, with additional support from the Raleigh Civic Symphony Association and the Concert Singers of Cary.

Lisa Bielawa, Composer and Producer
Dr. Peter Askim, Director of Orchestral Studies, NC State University Department of Music
Dr. Nathan Leaf, Director of Choral Activities, NC State University Department of Music
Jason Evans Groth, Digital Media Librarian, NC State University Libraries
Colin Keenan, University Libraries Specialist, NC State University Libraries
Kyle Langdon, University Library Specialist and Audio Engineer, NC State University Libraries
Colin Moore, Operations Coordinator, NC State University Department of Music
Ian Boyd, NC State University Library Specialist
Sarah Hassan, NC State University Libraries Pentair Fellow

Special Thanks to Rhiannan Berry for their Avatar Customizer, used under MPL-2.0 License. This work utilizes the following 3D models posted by Google Poly licensed under CC BY 4.0: Trumpet, Bass, Flute, Violin, Elm Tree, Pine Tree, Drum.

The Texts

“There it was, there it is, the place where during the best time of our lives friendship had its home and happiness its headquarters… We agree that until it has had a poet, a place is not a place.” 

From Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner, Copyright © 1987 by Wallace Stegner. By arrangement with Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc.

…The suns I see and the suns I cannot see are in their place,
The palpable is in its place and the impalpable is in its place…
Not I, not anyone else can travel that road for you…
Happiness not in another place, but this place…not for another hour, but this hour…
…All else thus far known giving place…
(Talk honestly, no one else hears you, and I stay only a minute longer.)
Do I contradict myself? 
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large – I contain multitudes.)
Who has done his day’s work and will soonest be through with his supper?
Who wishes to walk with me?

Walt Whitman

“It takes a multitude to make such a stillness.”

H.G. Wells

“Made in haste, not made in haste, made in darkness, not made in darkness, made in a place, made in a place…
Five, five are more wonderful than a million. Five million, five million, five million, five million, five are more wonderful than two together. Two together, two together…
A song, if a sad song is in unison and is sung, a sad song is singing. A sign of singing…
So the main is seen and the green is green…There are some things a place can not show…
…nobody is more famous than an oaken piece of wood…
…a refusal to sing is one thing, to go on with a song is not wrong…
It’s not possible to sing by way of songs, it is not possible to sing by way of songs….
Please place me where there is air. I like to be free.”

Gertrude Stein

“Then on a stately Oak I cast mine Eye,
Whose ruffling top the Clouds seem’d to aspire…”

Anne Bradstreet

“Where contemplation finds her sacred Spring;
Where heavenly Music makes the Centre ring…
Now here, now there…”

Phyllis Wheatley

Some…songs cannot be sung.
A song has a few rights, the same as other ordinary citizens. If it feels like walking along the left-hand side of the street…and sitting on the curb, why not let it? If it feels like kicking over an ash can, a poet’s castle, or the law… will you stop it? Should it not have a chance to sing to itself, if it can sing? To enjoy itself without making a bow, if it can’t make a bow? If it happens to feel like trying to fly where humans cannot fly, to sing what cannot be sung, in short, who shall stop it?

Charles Ives

Buildings, pictures and sculpture seem to be born, like the flowers by the roadside, to sing themselves into being…Wherever the cypress rises, like the touch of a magician’s wand…Simple geometry; the graphic soul of the thing…
…every tree a tower above the great calm plains…serene…as they lie….beneath a wonderful sweep of sky…
…Voices and vision everywhere…Imagination is our human divinity.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

The Musicians

Vox Accalia and Singing Statesmen

Dahlia Bagley, alto
Grace Brown, soprano
Lily Campbell, alto 
Chelsea Chambers, soprano
Bec Douthart, soprano
Katy Futrell, soprano
Kennedi Hargrove, alto
Emily Christine Holmes, soprano
Troi Jones, alto
Ashley Nicole Kimble, soprano 
Nina Kudlak, soprano
Madeline Martin, soprano
Emma Messina, soprano
Ella Moore, soprano 
Charmaine Pereira, alto
Emily Ramsey, alto
Andrea Aguirre Salazar, soprano
Juliet Santos, alto
Day Steed, alto
Trinity Taylor, alto
Emily Vera, soprano
Marisa Vitrano, soprano
Janeva Williams, alto
Emily Workman, soprano
Gabriel Hernandez Blanco, bass
Scott Burnett, tenor 
Parker Klinck, tenor
Jackson Lods, tenor
Adam Malik, tenor
Bryan Pyrtle, bass
Lanz Punay Santiaguel, tenor
Trevor Wilson, bass
Joshua Wright, bass

RED Group
State Chorale 

Francesca Balestrieri, alto
Kevin Ballesteros, bass
Jack Bishop, bass
Charlotte Ann Bulkeley, soprano
Cade Bushee, tenor
Emma Carlson, alto
Taylor Cashion, alto
Olivia Chiott, alto
Michael S. Clark, tenor 
Coltan Compton, baritone
Jane Ivy Coons, soprano
Lindsey Cox, soprano
Declan Crowe, bass
Collin Dail, bass
Noelle DeFelice, soprano
Sonia Dubiansky, alto
Ryan Faucette, tenor
Brian Foster, bass
Katy Futrell, soprano
Vennela Gottiparthy, alto
Rachel C. Harris, alto
Claire Henson, soprano
Mariah Sophia Kidd, soprano
Lucy Kimbell, soprano
Ashley Nicole Kimble, soprano
Parker Klinck, tenor
Marissa Koshy, soprano
Nathan Leaf, tenor
Ian McGregor, baritone
Duncan McSorley, bass
Dylan Magistrado, baritone
Megan Maiorano, soprano
Carlos Molina, baritone
James Nauman, bass
Jonathan Pelletier, bass
Cailin Peterson, alto
Anjella Joy Poblete, soprano
Tsedey Pretto, alto
Sean Purner, tenor
Morgan Pyrtle, alto 
Beth Rodgers, soprano
Simone Georgy Sam, soprano
Mary Schrader, soprano
Olivia Schwager, alto
Will Skinner, tenor
Aysia Slade, alto
Bryan Smyth, baritone
Riley Hop Stephenson, baritone
Samuel Tucker, tenor
Danny Wang, tenor
Georgia Westwood, alto
Lydia Wonderly, soprano
Iris Wright, alto

BLUE Group
­Concert Singers of Cary

Rock Angier, bass
Mana Aoi, alto
Dennis Aves, tenor
Sara Battles, alto
Simon Bate, tenor 
Shannon Beall, soprano
Selena Beckman-Harned, soprano
Marjorie Bender, soprano
Christine Bonin, alto
Christine Bowden, soprano
Megan Brachtl, soprano
Billy Bramer, bass
Frances Bushman, soprano
Nancy H. Canterbury, soprano
Leann Clark Carroll, alto
Kelly Cash, soprano
Sue Chaploney, soprano
Hieuhanh “Hanh” Cox, alto
Jared Dodd, tenor
Rachael Dwight, alto
Joan C. Eastwick, soprano
Susan Ebbs, alto
Sandra Edwards, alto
Casey Erklin, bass
Wes Everett, baritone
Dannibeth M. Farnum, soprano
Karl G. Feld, baritone
Shirley Hand, alto 
Stacy Hanna, soprano
Lenora Harris-Field, alto
Alyson Hartman, alto
Matthew Harvey, bass
Thom Haynes, bass
Houston Horn, bass
Claudia Kaplan, soprano
Kay H. Kaufman, alto
Sherry Kilgus-Kramer, soprano
Emiko Kuroda, alto
Girard T. Lew, bass
Rachael Lubbers, soprano
Gina Maria McKenzie, soprano
Melissa Martin, alto
Alicia Martinex, soprano
Krista Nabar, alto
Sarah Neely, soprano
Beverly Olson, soprano
Pam Richart, alto
Terri Ring, alto
Valerie Saba, alto
Gregory Santa Croce, bass
John Andrew Schell, tenor
Ellen Schloemer, alto
Jaime Schnurr, alto
Trisha Scott, soprano
Paul Stapleton, tenor
David Talbot, tenor
Greg Tarsa, baritone
Jennilyn Tillotson, soprano
Katherine Womack, soprano
Jeff Wright, bass
Deborah Younglao, soprano
Laura Yurco, soprano

Members of Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra

Lindi Wang, concertmaster
Dadan M. Chavis, violin
Tyler Edwards, violin
Emma Harver, violin
Ethan Huang, violin
Francine Hunter, violin
Lily C. Smith, violin
Erin Tennis, violin
Kai-En Wang, violin
Morgan Willis, violin
Steven Berger, viola
Michael Castelo, viola
Catherine Morrison, viola
Hannah Payunk, viola
Mary Kaitlin Stanford, viola
Bryant Cox, cello
Sanford Enslen, cello
Sarah Fletcher, cello
Charlie Frazier, cello
Gianni Absillis, double bass
Jerome De Dios Bermudez, double bass

Members of Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra

Beth O’Reilly, piccolo
Eleanor (Ellie) Murray, flute
Molly Smith, flute
Daniel Haller, oboe
Timothy Cho, English horn
Laura Dugan, clarinet
Cassandra Faye Hanson, clarinet
Lecia Cecconi-Roberts, bass clarinet
Brenda Balazs-Reylek, bassoon
Mary Merchant, bassoon
Matt Behrhorst, horn
Michael Grimes, horn
Abigail Dewey, trumpet 
Kathy Silbiger, trumpet
Samer Issa, trombone
Jordan Key, trombone
Prathamesh Shridattaprasad Deshpande, tabla

Members of Raleigh Civic Symphony

Cindy Chastang, piccolo
Mary E. Mitchell, flute
Jarrett Glass, oboe
David J Reiner, English horn
Laura Dugan, clarinet
William Coye, bassoon and contrabassoon 
Matt Behrhorst, horn
Evan Kane, horn
Brian Coley, trombone
Macie Benge, violin
Calvin Chu, violin
Cayla Cooke, violin
Natalie Renee Cotton, violin
Harrison Evans, violin
Catherine Hall, violin
Rae Heinzerling, violin
Kai-En Wang, violin
Cory Campbell, viola 
Bryant Cox, cello
Ann Grigg, cello
Jonah Freedman, double bass
Logan Merchant, percussion

Members of Raleigh Civic Symphony

Josh Lockley, trumpet
Ganesh Om, trumpet and healing gong 
Mauricio Soto, trombone
Jared Everson, bass trombone
John Inness, tuba
Caroline Branan, violin
Lucie Ciccone, violin
Ethan Huang, violin
Byron Huff, violin
Jenna Hutensky, violin
Eli Kerstein, violin
Vineet Krishna, violin
Kea McKibben, violin
Angie O’Dowd, violin
Steven Berger, viola
Jose Garcia, viola
Sanford Enslen, cello
Hannah Maier, cello
Margot Holloman, double bass
Anna Luking, piano

PINK Group
Members of Raleigh Civic Symphony

Taylor James, piccolo
Karen Ciccone, flute
Shannon Neu, oboe
Mary Merchant, bassoon
Shirely Violand-Jones, E-flat and bass clarinet
Lindi Wang, concertmaster
Rachel Lloyd, violin
Mara Lowry, violin
Eva Pontius, violin
Molly Elizabeth Puente, violin
Connor Stewart, violin
Eeshayu Shelke, violin
Kai-En Wang, violin
Kristopher Wilson, violin
Lauren Arnold, viola
Rajani Guditi, viola
Regan Chuhran, cello
Katie Yoon, cello
Cayce Lee, double bass
Sam Weninger, percussion

Step into the Brickyard Broadcast

Step-by-step troubleshooting for this unique virtual performance

Note: Brickyard Broadcast can be experienced on a computer or mobile device, but a computer and the following provisions will allow for the best audio experience.

  • Connect your mouse and stereo headphones.
  • Open this page in the Firefox web browser (Firefox gives the best stereo audio experience and is the suggested browser to experience Brickyard Broadcast).
  • Click the button below (available at 6pm on Nov. 12) to enter the VR portal.
  • When the page finishes loading, click the pink button that says “Create a room with this scene.” This opens a private showing of the performance. It may take a moment to load.

  • At the bottom of the screen, click the pink button that says “Enter Room.”

  • Accept or customize your avatar.

  • Click ‘Enter Now’ to confirm your audio settings.

  • Use your arrow keys to move around the scene. Click and drag the mouse to look around. Notice the effect on the soundscape. Travel throughout the scene and observe the changing soundscapes responding to your movement.