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Collage featuring a saxophone player, a marching band performer, a dancer jumping on stage, and a dancer rehearsing in a studio

Experience Dance and Music at NC State

The Department of Performing Arts and Technology is where NC State students of any major cultivate and explore their creative interests—no matter where they lead. Through our courses and programs, students grow as performers, develop entrepreneurial skills, learn new ways to enhance their art form using technology and gain an understanding of the theory, history and cultural significance of both dance and music.

Whether you’re a mover, musician, performing arts enthusiast or innovator, your artistic passions will thrive at NC State.

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At NC State, our student-performers come from every college on campus to perform in our dance companies, music ensembles, study music or arts entrepreneurship, and find their community.

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“[The department] is genuinely one of the happiest communities I’ve ever been a part of. Everybody in the department is there because they care about making music with other people.”

Anna Lee, ’22

Founder & President, Music Theory Club
Minor in Flute Performance

Inspire Lifelong Performing

When you support the Department of Performing Arts and Technology, you’re providing resources that enable NC State students to continue learning and performing now and into the future, just like these Power Sound of the South® alumni.

Join our passionate alumni community in their commitment to the student-performers of NC State by making a gift to the Dance or Music Enhancement Funds.

photo of marching band alumni performing during a reunion
Flute performance minor and 2019-20 Toni Christine Masini Memorial Music Scholarship recipient Reece Neff, ’20, speaks with Mickie Masini, Toni’s mother, following the scholarship presentation at the ECU football game on Aug. 31. Photo by Dan Jahn.