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Dance at NC State

Learn about all of our dance courses, events, and performance opportunities.

Get Involved in Dance

The Department of Performing Arts and Technology offers students the opportunity to study dance through academic courses and first-hand experience in choreography and performance.

Any student can dance at NC State regardless of their major. Undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in various fields bring their unique perspectives and backgrounds into the artistic process and contribute meaningfully to the art.

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It's almost time for the last Lunchbox Series session of the season! ❤️

Join Kristen Hoagland as she discusses her audition process, dancing on tour, and the effects of social media in the industry.

This virtual conversation will be taking place Wednesday, April 24, from 12-12:45 p.m. Register now through the link in our bio. 

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Join us for another exciting Lunchbox Series session! 🙌✨

Delve into the operations and mechanics of the dance competition industry with Chasta Hamilton on Wednesday, April 17, 12-12:45 p.m.

Register for this free event using the link in our bio!

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The Lunchbox Series is back on Wednesday, April 10! 🥪

⭐️ The Critical Response Process with Michelle Pearson 

⭐️ To introduce, Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process as a tool for evaluating and responding to creative work. Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process (CRP) is a feedback system based on the principle that the best possible outcome from a response session is for the maker to want to go back to work. Whether returning to the studio, the desk, the kitchen, or the laboratory, CRP gives tools both to people who are creating work and people who are responding to that work. 

⭐️ This conversation is free and open to the community. Register now via the link in our bio. 

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Great news... We have added one more master class to the series! 🥳

➡️ Accessible Modern Dance
➡️ Thursday, April 11, 5:30 p.m., Carmichael 2307

Open to movers of all experience levels, this class will explore modern dance elements accessible to all bodies in a comfortable and safe environment. Through improvisation, movement exploration, and modern dance fundamentals, dancers will cultivate a sense of connection to their bodies and fellow community members as they build phrase work and relationships throughout the class. People of all abilities are welcome! Instructor Payton Chopp (she/her) is a dance artist and educator based in Raleigh, NC. In her personal practice, Payton explores the idea of “process” in modern dance by integrating improvisation and play with her passion for technique. She currently dances professionally with Black Box Dance Theatre, a nonfiction modern dance company, and works in Vocational Rehabilitation with a focus on justice, accessibility, and dignity. 

Register now at go.ncsu.edu/masterclassregister (link in bio). 

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The State Dance Company represented the Department of Performing Arts and Technology at the American College Dance Association Mid-Atlantic Conference with two pieces by student and faculty choreographers. 🙌 

The first piece, Could you hold the line?, was choreographed by Savanah Buck, a current Biochemistry major and recipient of the NC State Creative Artist Award in choreography. The second work representing the university was a quartet titled Constellations, choreographed by department faculty member Amy Love Beasley. ❤️

Read the full article through the link in our bio. 

#NCStateDance #NCSU #RaleighNC #NCDancers #RaleighDancers #RaleighArts #NCStateArts #NCStateDPAT

dancers performing on stage.


Our three academic dance companies—Panoramic Dance Project, the State Dance Company, and Terrain Dance Project—provide students with opportunities to develop close-knit, collaborative relationships with the faculty, guest artists, and fellow dancers. All three companies are open by audition and can be repeated for course credit.

Students who wish to gain performance experience without the commitment of joining a company or while training their way towards auditioning for a company will greatly benefit from the DAN 305 course.

Dancers interested in performing work created by students may audition to be cast in pieces choreographed by Student Choreographers enrolled in the Independent Study in Dance (DAN 498).

dancers in a studio.

Take Your Study Further

Enroll in a Dance Course

The Department of Performing Arts and Technology is committed to providing broad-based educational opportunities for NC State students through a variety of music and dance experiences and introductory and upper-level courses. Department faculty seek to assist students in developing insights, skills, and the capacity to perceive and respond to music and dance in its historical and cultural contexts.

Enroll in a dance course and expand your knowledge and understanding of dance while you satisfy various GEP Requirements. Explore your options in the NC State course catalog. Our two dance minors are designed for qualified undergraduate students who wish to pursue a more extensive study of dance.

Dance Minors

Through our dance minor programs, students have the opportunity to select the specific courses that best fulfill their needs while maintaining an overall balance. Our two tracks let you choose whether to pursue a focused study of your area of interest or explore dance on a broader level.

  • Dance Performance and Choreography (17 credit hours)
  • Dance Studies (15 credit hours)

A dance minor may be preparing for graduate study or for work as a performer, choreographer, educator, or dance therapist. Additionally, our dance minor tracks will enhance students’ studies as they ready themselves for careers and service as arts entrepreneurs or administrators, physical therapists, physicians, or in disciplines such as Africana studies, design, film and engineering.

Master Classes Series

Take a break from your academic courses, learn from highly trained dance professionals and try something new. No long-term commitment is required.

dancers in a studio.

dancers in a studio.

Experience More Dance

Attend a Concert

The Department of Performing Arts and Technology presents dozens of concerts annually, providing various affordable opportunities for students, families and local concertgoers to experience incredible live performances. We hope to see you at a concert soon!

Series Events

Our department strives to make dance accessible to everyone at NC State. In addition to our regular dance concerts, our department offers unique performances, workshops, and lectures led by our faculty and professional guest artists.

Dance Student Organizations

Whether you’re looking for a chance to perform with a group or to learn more about a specific topic with like-minded friends, there’s a student-run club or organization waiting for you. If there’s not, we can help you start one!

tap dancers on stage.