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Peter Askim

Teaching Professor | Director of Orchestral Studies | Conductor of Orchestras

Amy Love Beasley

Assistant Teaching Professor | Dance Minors Coordinator

Gary Beckman

Teaching Professor | Director of Entrepreneurial Studies in the Arts

Elizabeth Beilman

Applied Music Lecturer, Cello

Stuart Benkert

Interim Department Head

Mary Boone

Applied Music Lecturer, Flute

Chris Branam

Lecturer | Director of Music Camps | Conductor of Symphonic Band

Katie Brown

Lecturer, Arts Entrepreneurship

Forrest Budway

Marching Band Staff, Drum Line Instructor

Leonid Finkelshteyn

Applied Music Lecturer, Double Bass

Brianna Forbes

Assistant Teaching Professor

Kent Foss

Applied Music Lecturer, Trumpet

Jason Foureman

Applied Music Lecturer, Jazz Double Bass | Jazz Ensemble Teaching Assistant

Paul Garcia

Teaching Professor | Director of Bands | Applied Instructor of Percussion | Conductor of Athletic Bands and Wind Ensemble

Winifred Garrett

Applied Music Lecturer, Harp

Olga Kleiankina

Teaching Professor | Director of Piano Studies | Applied Instructor of Piano

Tom Koch

Associate Teaching Professor | Associate Department Head

Jonathan Kramer

Teaching Professor, Ethnomusicology

Lindsay Laske

Marching Band Staff, Assistant Dance Team Instructor

Nathan Leaf

Teaching Professor | Assistant Department Head | Director of Choral Activities | Conductor of Choirs

Justin Martin

Applied Music Lecturer, Guitar

Keenan McKenzie

Applied Music Lecturer, Saxophone

Tara Z. Mullins

Associate Teaching Professor | Director of the State Dance Company | Performance & Lecture Series Coordinator

Ariadna Nacianceno

Collaborative Pianist

DeMar Neal IV

Applied Music Lecturer, Voice

Christa Oliver

Associate Teaching Professor | Director of the Panoramic Dance Project

Kirsten Paige

Assistant Teaching Professor, Musicology

Ana Palanciuc Hamilton

Collaborative Pianist

Wes Parker

Teaching Professor | Director of Jazz Studies | Conductor of Jazz Ensembles

John Pederson

Applied Music Lecturer, Bassoon

Amanda Roediger

Marching Band Staff, Dance Team Instructor

Bethany Schreiner

Marching Band Staff, Featured Twirlers Instructor

Lindi Wang

Applied Music Lecturer, Violin | Orchestra Teaching Assistant

Mark Whitfield

Marching Band Staff, Assistant Marching Band Director

LilyGrace Wolfe

Administration and Outreach Coordinator

Beth Wright Fath

Teaching Professor | Associate Department Head