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Shaping how we train arts entrepreneurs

Arts entrepreneurship faculty around the world finally have a dedicated pedagogy to use in their classrooms. Teaching Professor Gary Beckman, director of entrepreneurial studies in the arts, has written a textbook—The New Arts Entrepreneur—for arts students from all disciplines who want to learn the skills to build and sustain arts-related ventures.

The New Arts Entrepreneur by Dr. Gary Beckman is available now from Routledge.

According to the publisher, Routledge, The New Arts Entrepreneur is the first uniquely designed pedagogy for arts entrepreneurship educators and students. It brings together an art-first approach with understandable economic concepts to provide students with an entrepreneurial toolkit that’s designed specifically to support the development of their artistic endeavors. 

The book focuses on venture sustainability and decision-making specific to arts businesses, both for-profit and nonprofit. The emphasis on long-term sustainability, not just startup, makes the textbook and Beckman’s approach unique among current pedagogical offerings. 

Beckman, one of the field’s leading scholars and co-founder of the Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education, has written extensively on the subject. He co-founded and co-edits the world’s first academic journal on arts entrepreneurship education and his articles have been published in several journals and essay collections. Tackling the writing of a textbook was a unique challenge that ultimately inspired him to do even more writing.

“It’s nice to have it done and I’m anxious to hear how my colleagues across the country find it for their students,” said Beckman. “I was able to get a paper done with a colleague for Entrepreneurship, Education & Pedagogy over the summer, so I guess I got the writing bug.” 

The New Arts Entrepreneur is available now from Routledge.