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Supporting Scholarships

Music scholarships make it possible for student-musicians to choose NC State and continue making music while they pursue their undergraduate degree in another discipline.

Your gift in support of renewable scholarships for the recruitment and retention of new music students benefits the music department and our students in two critical ways:

  • Scholarships show prospective students that they can continue to explore their musical talents by participating in our ensembles while pursuing any major at the university. 
  • By mitigating some financial concerns, renewable scholarships increase the likelihood that students stay involved in music and continue to play for years to come. 

Students who remain in an ensemble throughout their entire college career also provide a valuable leadership role in the ensemble, which raises the quality of performances and enhances every student’s musical experience.

Two ways to support music scholarships

Our music scholarships

General music performance

  • Amelia E. Hunter Choral Leadership Scholarship
  • Curtis R. Craver, Jr. Clarinet Scholarship
  • Harry M. Habets Music Scholarships
  • ITG/Norma Ausley Memorial Scholarship
  • Marilyn Lynch and Phyllis Vogel Piano Performance Scholarships
  • Miriam Bailey Gardner Scholarships
  • Mu Beta Psi Honorary Music Scholarship
  • NCSU Pipes and Drums Scholarship
  • Randy Foy Music Scholarship
  • Reynolds Music Performance Scholarship

Marching band

  • Alby Rose Marching Band Scholarships
  • Barbara and Curtis Freeze Marching Band Scholarships
  • Bruce T. Brown Marching Band Scholarship
  • Dewey M. Griffith Scholarship
  • Jim Marchman Marching Band Scholarship
  • Margaret Price Corcoran Marching Band Scholarship
  • Toni Christine Masini Memorial Scholarship